The organization called “Society for Information Display” has, as in the previous 23 years, shared the prestigious awards for high-tech companies for the best screens in several categories. And Apple is among the rewards.

The screen is one of the most important components of today’s smart devices, most of all when talking about phones, tablets, and computers. For that reason, most manufacturers are trying to attract the attention of their potential customers through the quality of their products.

Nor is Apple an exception in this case. This company, in contrast to the competition in the field of graphics, has opted for a completely different segment and is trying to overcome the boundaries by using more advanced screen technologies. When we look at the iPhone or iPad, we know they succeeded. And with their main product they went a step further.

This is also confirmed by the Society for Information Display. This year’s 55th, the Display Week conference will take place from May 20th to 25th in Los Angeles. Then there will be prizes for the best and most advanced screens.

iPhone X won the Display Application of the Year prize, while the iPad Pro’s screen was proclaimed the screen of the year. In addition to the awards themselves, both displays are honored with many words of praise, which is not new to those who regularly track the news about Apple products.

Here’s what they said about iPhone X:

The iPhone X is the first product in the Apple lineup of the iPhone that realizes a vision of a smartphone that is completely composed of a screen without physical elements, keyboard or keypads of a special purpose. With iPhone X, the Home button on the front was eliminated and the screen became the primary element for the entire interaction, enabling its surface to cover the face of the iPhone completely.

This 5.8-inch Super Retina screen has a resolution of 458 ppi and the first OLED panel that meets the standards of the older generation of the iPhone, delivering powerful colors, contrasts from one million to one, as well as system-wide color management. The HDR display supports Dolby Vision as well as the HDR10, which further increases the quality of the photo and video content. In addition, True Tone dramatically adjusts the color balance of the screen to fit in the best possible way to the outside lighting.

About iPad Pro say the following:

Apple’s latest iPad Pro screens include the innovative ProMotion technology developed to enhance visual performance. They are available in sizes from 10.5 to 12.9 inches, and both tablets offer an equal density of 264 pixels per inch (ppi), meaning a total of 3.7 million inches in one and even 5.6 million in each other. They provide a customizable speed of 24 to 120 Hz shutter speeds, excellent response to the touch of a finger or Apple Pencil, as well as very fast moving contents. The ProMotion technology is enabled thanks to its new Thin-Film Transistor, which has excellent performance, as well as liquid crystal materials and advanced light-aligning materials.

In one word, the iPhone X and iPad Pro have excellent, multifunctional screens.

Source: 9to5mac