Finally, we have one really worthwhile and special device. When assembling the work of Nikola Tesla, Steve Jobs, and Elon Musk, we get the iPhone X with a solar panel produced by the Russian company Caviar. The market price of this device is $ 5,000!

Only Russians can do that! While competition is trying to imitate the design of the iPhone X in the best way, Caviar has started to produce iPhone modifiers with modified backs. These devices are not special because of their Animoji or Colors, but because of the solar panel on the back.

Sounds like a fantastic idea – a phone with a solar panel! Still, it is not that we were not surprised at the price of nearly $ 5,000, despite the fact that only 999 devices were produced. First, the production of 99 phones was planned, but due to the great interest, that border was raised. Would you, too, be an Arabian sheik, bought a device that is four times more expensive than a regular iPhone X?

The market already had a solar-powered phone. It was LG in 2009. In this company, they created a touchscreen phone that had a large solar panel. Apart from being embedded in the design of the phone, it was completely useless. Still, it was “green” because it was delivered in boxes that were made of recycled paper.

Is there a place for such an iPhone? If you already spend $ 5,000 on an environmentally friendly phone called Tesla, there is definitely a serious reason for that. However, you do not have to hope that by using this device you will completely forget about the charger.

We do not have accurate information on how much electricity is saved by using this environmentally-friendly iPhone X, but we’ve tried to calculate the approximate number. Before diving into secrets of mathematics, here are some facts about solar panels:

  • The average life of solar panels is 20-40 years
  • There is a huge difference in efficiency between them (2-25%), and the theoretical limit is 33.7%.
  • Depending on the frequency of sunlight
  • One hour of solar energy emitted is enough to cover a year of electricity consumption on the entire planet
  • Shortly speaking, it’s not cheap and is not the most practical solution because it’s about the devices you go every few years

Imagine being in the middle of Sahara and ringing your iPhone, and you have to hold your phone at right angles to the Sun, because at any moment it may go out, and at this point you can only generate Sun’s energy with 18% efficiency on the screen surface 5 inches, which is not the most ideal situation.

Solar panel size 1m x 1.5m has a 265 Wh capacity. When compared to the performance of the iPhone X, the panel could charge the phone up to 26 times. When we know that the size of the screen is 5 inches, and the capacity of the solar panels is proportional to their size, we get a 24.5 Wh performance.

All these are just estimates. To fill the phone it is necessary to hold it daylight at the best possible angle, which is not recommended for any type of lithium battery. And all the time, you could have a regular phone in your pocket and add it to your energy when the time comes.

So all the results of this method can be divided into 10. If you have planned to save significantly in this way, we must disappoint you. The whole year of iPhone charging X requires about 5000 Wh of current, which does not represent a huge expense. If you would like to pay you $ 5,000 to spend on your device, you should use it for at least the next 6,000 years. Finally, we can freely say that the solar panel on the back has no effective use.


We forgot to consider the fact that only 999 people in the world will have this model. One of them is Steven Segal. We do not have to forget about packing either. Caviar’s iPhone X arrives in a box that is lined with a snakeskin and in silk. If that’s not enough, you can always order a spare iPhone 8 with a Trump X Putin sample of just 224,000 rubles.