According to Counterpoint Research, a market research company, the iPhone X had an excellent Q4. He made five times more profits than 600 other Android makers.

Rumors circulated that there was no real demand for the iPhone X, that no one was buying the device and that Apple had reduced its production. However, this device has achieved incredible success – for itself, so, of course, for Apple.

According to a recent Counterpoint Research survey, in the fourth quarter of 2017, the iPhone X alone accounted for 35% of the profits of the entire international mobile phone industry. Just think about how big this number is. If iPhone X is the only mobile device in the world, a whole third of the profits of that industry would exist – provided that the volume of sales is the same.

And other iPhone models were very successful. iPhone 8 achieved 19.1% profit, and iPhone 8 Plus 15.2%. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus together made 10% profit. The list also features a three-year old iPhone 6, with 1.8% profit. Of the other manufacturers, only Galaxy Note 8 (3.9%) and Galaxy S8 Plus (1.7%) managed to enter the top 10.

In other words, Apple earned around 85% of total earnings.

Investors are certainly very satisfied, as this could mean an increase of 1% compared to last year, although total revenues on the global level fell by 1%. This means that Apple could achieve growth in a declining market.

We need to add that Apple never publishes accurate figures for the sale of individual devices, so the data from Counterpoint’s research can not be officially confirmed. Nevertheless, the estimated numbers are certainly not far from the truth, and we expect such results anyway.

Source: MacRumors