Apple started a new wave with the first iPhone, and this glory lasts even today. Since then, all smartphones have started to resemble one another. It may be the right time to change direction!

We can not, but do not agree with the claim that Apple and iPhone are the leaders in the smartphone market both in terms of revenue, but also in terms of technology. The Cupertina company sets standards for competition and rarely follows others. Which does not always have to be good.

We are witnessing that there are various manufacturers on the market that are able to offer something similar to Apple, but it does not go hand in hand in every segment. For example, no maker has yet been able to copy the Face ID technology that exists on the iPhone X model.

Apple has launched a real tsunami with an iPhone that has revolutionized the world of smartphones. In the last ten years, they have managed to maintain a leading position, even when the competition began to catch up, and in some segments Apple has overtaken it. Have you seen what Google’s digital assistant knows all about?

In fact, in most cases, Apple always presents something that everyone else tries to copy and implement in their products. Simply, these are the facts we have corroborated with many examples.

This also happened with touch screen, Touch ID, digital assistant, and even Animomi. All these components were copied by competitors, which is not very good because it does not contribute to innovation.

For this reason, Apple could easily slow down the development and become a company that plays securely by introducing stable and predictable updates. The competition would, in this case, just follow their slow pace, and Apple would have been doing it the way it wants without the incentive to be faster. What does he do?

Of great importance for the fight itself would be the situation when one of the competitors launched something completely new. Something that would cause panic in Apple and something that would have put them in the fight. It would be great for us users.

The current situation is like a love relationship with a long service. In the beginning everything is pink, but as the time passes the excitement is falling, although you can still find pleasure in everything. Routine then takes on the main role in the entire relationship. Everything works, it’s great to tolerate it, but it’s not all about it.

Perhaps a real revolution could trigger Apple’s fear of losing users. And will he ever appear?

Of course, responsibility is not just on Apple. And the competition is the obligation to make a few moves for a fair and equitable market game. The development of the event has led to the fact that all smartphones look pretty much the same and that there is nothing that is different and exciting in design or function. When was the last time you were surprised by any device of any manufacturer?

The fact that everyone is standing in line behind Apple has led to a fairly balanced selection. In this situation, first, Apple can be expected to change direction, even when it comes to radical changes. It should not surprise us, regardless of the profitability and domination it is making at the moment.

Of course, there would have been those who would follow each step, but by introducing innovation, there would surely be a certain change in the rhythm. We can not expect Apple to invent the “first iPhone” every year, and that’s fine, but this game does not lead to anything.

For us, Apple users, another shortcoming can be considered and this company does not “steal” ideas from the competition. At least not enough. Moreover, they try to avoid taking anything from competitors in any way. And given that this is the essence of this game, it would sometimes be possible to cross over their own principles.

If there is anything that at this moment other manufacturers are doing better, then Apple as a technological giant should adapt to it and make it even better. All in all, the current situation, which seems to be solid, is not ideal for anyone, and it is perfectly customary. Neither manufacturers nor users.

We think Apple and competitors have a lot to pay for their users and it would be great if they could do it in the near future …