Adidas Running has launched a new line of SOLARBOOST shoes, inspired by NASA engineering and designed according to the latest technologies. It is a model of exceptional performance, and it is distinguished by a TFP (Tailored Fiber Placement) innovation that relates to carefully tailored fibers, millimeter precision in making every sash element, and the perfect connection of silhouette parts.

The SOLARBOOST model is also based on ARAMIS technology, which maps the skin of individuals, bones and muscles to create as comfortable a sneakers as possible. At the same time, it allows precise determination of how the athlete’s foot moves while running and creates the perfect sidekick.

Thanks to the reinforcement in the center of the sole, maximum comfort, grip and foot support have been created so that the racers can confidently move on any surface, regardless of the length or speed of the run.

It was self-confidence that was a key inspiration for creating the SOLARBOOST model, as part of the Run to Rise campaign. Bearing in mind the fact that runners often run to gain faith in themselves and strengthen in other aspects of life, the silhouette is designed to build self-confidence by equipping it with state-of-the-art technology.

By paralleling the construction of space ships in which each piece has a unique purpose, each element of the SOLARBOOST model is designed to have a special function for maximum performance. The new silhouette is only 295 grams heavy, which makes it 15 grams lighter than the previous Energy Boost silhouette, while at the same time providing superior sounder support and amortization.

“We felt it was time to challenge the existing running shoes performance. In order to create a lightweight and comfortable silhouette for every runner, we found inspiration in the automotive and cosmos industry. We came to TFP technology, which allowed us to connect materials on the sneakers more precisely than ever before. We managed to integrate this with Energy rail and optimized BOOST technology for maximum efficiency. We’ve managed to produce the technically best running silhouette that has been made so far in our department, “said Kris Ekman, Senior Product Manager for Adidas Running.

The members of the adidas Runners Belgrade club have tested the footwear in different weather and field conditions, and the impression is that this is a light, and above all a very durable model, thanks to the latest achievements of adidas in the field of sports equipment.

An internal survey, verified by an independent agency, has proven that the new adidas SOLARBOOST provides a higher return on energy every step, compared to the recently launched NIKE Epic React Flyknit.