The Mercedes X-Class is arguably the most luxurious pickup truck to date, but the folks over at Carlex Design decided to kick things up a notch by giving the posh workhorse the Maybach treatment. The front grille and wheels were taken straight from the limited-edition S650 Cabriolet, while on the inside there’s the same Nappa Porzellan leather upholstery found in the most recent Maybach-branded models.

To further set it apart from the regular X-Class, the Polish specialists decided to slap on an aftermarket body kit made out of carbon fiber. It makes the pickup truck look beefier thanks to new front and rear bumpers, chunky wheel arches, side mirror caps, and a sports bar at the back where the bed has been covered in lovely teak.

In total, there 15 new components on the outside and these truly do make the X-Class stand out – also helped by the Porcelain White paint with Chocolate Brown accents. You’ll also notice several special badges and the “Yachting Edition” lettering on the sides as well as on the reworked front bumper.

It’s a similar story on the inside where Carlex Design went to town as far as customizing the already lavish cabin of Mercedes’ pickup truck. Gone are the standard front seats as these had to make way for a pair or Recaro Sportster seats wrapped in leather. Speaking of which, there’s leather just about everywhere you look, and it comes in the same two-tone look to complement the exterior.

To accentuate the connection with the body, there’s wood on the dashboard and even on the reshaped steering wheel partially clad in white leather. The headliner has been covered in Alcantara with an embroidered motif and even the back of the center console makes generous use of leather. As a matter of fact, it’s quite difficult to find an area inside the cabin that has been left untouched by Carlex Design.

As you’d come to expect, all these changes come at a cost. A complete makeover costs a steep €105,000 (including the vehicle), which works out to $122,330. However, the final price tag greatly depends on the sort of upgrades you want and obviously on the X-Class version. No production numbers have been specified, by conversions will be “limited,” so better act fast.

Source: Carlex Design